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Needs/Business Analysis
  • Pelican will analyze and evaluate your business to give you an unbiased view of your current processes and technology.  The ultimate success of your Information Technology (IT) strategy is dependent on your IT organization's understanding of your business.  The cornerstone of our success in working with you is our understanding of how your business is evolving.  We then establish requirements and goals with you, our client.  We begin all projects by:
    bulletEstablishment & Clarification of Objectives
    bulletFunctional Requirements Documentation
    bulletCurrent Technology Analysis
  • Upgrade Projects
  • Pelican will take responsibility for your total upgrade projects.  Whether a single upgrade with no modifications, or complex multi-revision upgrades with extensive modifications - we will complete the migration fast and at a very reasonable cost.  Please ask for a non-obligation quote before you start any upgrade.  Our Services include:
    bulletApplication and Technology upgrades
    bulletModification knitting
    bulletForms integration
    bulletInterface integration
    bulletData conversion
  • Implementation Management
  • Pelican will manage the implementation process to ensure success.  Our goal is to provide on-time and on-budget implementation of your system.  Some of our implementation services include:
    bulletImplementation Planning
    bulletSystem Setup and Education
    bulletData Conversion
    bulletPiloting and Data Verification
    bulletCustomization and Programming Services
    bulletGo live Planning and Support
  • Software Selection
  • Let us help you manage the entire selection process.  Our consultants are experts in identifying your true needs, finding the right vendors, coordinating their presentation, helping you choose the best solution, justify the investment, and even negotiating price:  We can assist you in all or a piece of your selection process including:
    bulletFunctional Requirements Document for Request for Quote (RFQ)
    bulletVendor RFQ analysis and filtering
    bulletDemo coordination
    bulletDevelopment of objective Selection Criteria
    bulletNegotiation of price
  • Programming Services
  • Whether its modification of existing code or complete new enhancements, let Pelican design, code and document your  custom code to delivered business critical functionality.  We will fix-bid custom code to ensure you are delivered promised functionality at a reasonable price.  Ask about our non-obligation quote for any of your programming needs.  Some of our services include:
    bulletData Conversion or cleansing
    bulletFiling sizing
    bulletIT Training